Receive Aerial Assistance for Topographical Surveying Land

The technology in our drones will save time and money for the commercial construction industry. These drones will completely change the way our clients proceed with the surveying and mapping of land and buildings. When using this technology, you will get done in hours what it normally would take 3 weeks to complete.

Safety is our #1 goal!


All of our UAV pilots are FAA licensed and have been through thorough safety training. All of our flights are in accordance with all FAA and local regulations. Our drones employ an onboard mode B/S transponder so that all nearby aircraft can see our drone. During controlled airspace flights we monitor nearby air traffic on the ground with our mode B/S receiver to ensure we are accident free. We are fully insured against any accident in the air or on the ground. We only use the best commercial UAVs combined with the highest grade optics on the market. Our UAVs employ onboard and ground RTK/GNSS stations to fly a precise path and tag images with exact positioning data. This allows us to be more accurate with our data than our competitors.

About Eco-Scan LLC

Our founder has over 20 years of experience in the construction and surveying industry. Eco-Scan LLC in Dallas, Texas, offers Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) which can be deployed to collect data, take high-resolution pictures, survey and analyze land, among other important tasks. These functions can be extremely important for a multitude of industries.

We started our company to service the surveying and mapping needs of the commercial construction industry. Our team is fully committed to providing our clients with detailed and accurate information from these drones.

Traditional methods of surveying and analyzing land can lead to missed information which can be disastrous and costly. While most techniques gather data every 6 inches, our drones can pick up data from every single inch of the land.

Industries that benefit from our services