Drone Topographical Surveying

Land Mapping Through High-Tech Drones

In our evolving world, it is important to stay up to date with the greatest technologies which will keep your business on top. Eco-Scan LLC in Dallas, Texas, offers a way for contractors, developers, and civil techs firms to stay ahead of the game and help their business succeed through the use of drones.

A Low-Cost Solution to illustrate Land Topography

Our drones have the ability to perform UAV and GPS data collection and computer analysis. This feature allows you to analyze your project at any point in its development. If you are just beginning construction on a large piece of land, these drones can assist you with layout planning through aerial topography, sub-grading, and civil point calculations.

These services enhance the efforts of your team by providing accurate data collected in a fraction of the time it takes when using conventional methods. This reduces wait time and costs, allowing you to begin your project ahead of schedule.

Enhancing Safety and Work Accuracy

Drones are a great tool for those in the landfill, mining, and utility industries. When using our drones to map the area, you are able to foresee any possible dangers which lay ahead. You will now be able to monitor, calculate, and analyze the area better than ever before. Drones will allow for erosion-control monitoring, watershed and runoff calculation, and pre-construction utility verification.

You can also use them to record documentation before and after completing a project to validate the accuracy of completed work. With this technology, you are able to assess inventory stockpiles and prevent lost time and materials due to unchecked errors in construction.


Aerial Photography & 3D Mapping

Drones have the ability to capture extremely high-resolution digital images. This feature helps companies of all kinds to take astonishingly beautiful photographs which can be used for brochures, sales, and marketing techniques. This greatly assists those in the real estate industry who need residential or commercial property imaging and 3D structure modeling

The Future of Productivity Tools

Our team will take the information that you receive from the drones and turn it into an AutoCAD™ presentation. This innovative software allows you to showcase your ideas and designs through 3D renderings. Having this type of presentation available during your meetings will show both your employers and your customers that you are taking the steps towards the future of the company.

Industries that benefit from our services