Project Progress Reporting

Scheduled project pictures

Periodic progress monitoring pictures will help document your project from an aerial perspective in much greater detail than any plane or helicopter can capture at a distance.

High resolution images capturing your entire job-site allow for detailed work completion and on-site materials to be verified and documented.  Pictures can be captured from the exact same height and angle during each flight for continuity throughout the project.  Hard to reach dangerous areas that are difficult to access during construction can be documented safely from the ground (ie: rooftop HVAC).

Pre-job pictures can help verify existing conditions and damages.  Post-job as-built pictures document work completion, accuracy, and quality.

Video Fly-overs

While pictures can cover a large portion of your construction documentation needs, an HD video is almost as good as a job site visit without ever leaving your office.

With our HD+ Video cameras and precision flight plans we can capture broad areas as well as detailed pre-determined specific locations.

Ortho-mosaic Job-site images

Powerful software stitches together each individual aerial picture into one large picture.  Instead of a distant pixelated image from a helicopter or plane, you get an image that captures the entire job-site that you can still zoom into high detail in a specific area.

3D Virtual Model

This online 3D model requires no special software for our clients.  After clicking a quick link, our clients can view, mark up, and measure in a 3D model of their jobsite and share with other users.